Things To Do To Get Your Car Ready To Ship

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Common sense and a few tips can make the rather daunting task of shipping a vehicle run more smoothly. Follow these steps to make sure that vehicle shipping results in a calm, cool and collected experience for you.

Start with a very clean car. You, along with the shipping company, are going to make a careful inspection of the vehicle together so you can note any damage that exists pre-shipment. Knowing the car's exact condition at pick up makes the final inspection not only easier, but more accurate.

Check to see that your car is running properly. This means that the car is in working condition and that the battery has a charge. There may be reason for your auto transporter to move your vehicle from one place to another. While they will likely have a means other than the cars own power to do this, it is easiest if the car runs. If your car does not run make sure to notify your shipper before pick up.

Remove all exterior attachments. This includes bike racks, spare tire covers, and even your car antenna if it does not retract. Anything that can easily be knocked off, or that can damage another car on the carrier should be removed. You should also remove any personal belongings that may be inside the vehicle. This includes global positioning systems, removable radios, and anything else that can be reasonably removed. The shipping company's insurance will not want to be responsible for anything other than your vehicle and chances are that they won't be.

Make sure that your car does not leak fluid of any variety. Your car may be on top of a car carrier and leaky fluids could drip onto lower cars. Some fluids are vary harmful to the environment and other cars and you wouldn't want to have your vehicle damaged by someone else's leaky car. Make sure that you show the other vehicle owners the same respect that you expect from them.

Have all your keys ready to hand over to the carrier. These may be the ignition key, the trunk key, the door key, the glove compartment key and the gas cap key among others. Put them all on one ring so none of them get separated and lost from the pack. Also disarm, or better yet, disconnect the alarm system if there is one.

Shipping your vehicle does not have to be a nightmare if you follow these simple steps. Have a nice trip.

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