Classy Exterior Of Lexus RX 450h

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Cars may be slower or faster, but only one car can sail as if it is floating on water; we are talking about Lexus RX 450h. This car is meant for everyone. It also happens to be the only SUV doing great in the market, and hence it is still under production. Those of us who want to buy eco-friendly cars have the best chance to buy this car. It is designed to attract shopaholics as well.

The inspiring combination of gas and electric power gives the Lexus RX 450h fuel economy of 28mpg city, and 26mpg highway, which is around 10% better than the last RX hybrid. It even compares well to the gas-only RX 350s 18mpg city. Moreover, there are different modes available owing to new computer controls. Even a driver selectable mode is also present that is electric only. This means that the car will be powered with the energy that has been stored in the metal hydride batteries.

The Lexus RX450h comes with the Remote Touch mouse like controller that fits in easily in hands in order to control the main central screen. The car is designed perfectly! Everything is superb: its satellite system, storage space, and the raw materials.

The two versions that are present in the market are the front wheel drive and the all wheel drive. There are many different packages available to suit the demands of customers. In fact, customers can customise their Lexus according to their wishes.

The sports package allows one to exchange the regular18 inch wheel with a 19-inch wheel. The premium package gives leather seats, a sunroof, and tailgates. The luxury package includes luxury seating, 19-inch wheels, and wood, or leather steering wheel.

One has the choice of adding the navigation package to the premium package. This shall give him the benefit of real time traffic situation, better speakers, Bluetooth facility and a backup camera. One can also get individual packages upon request.

The RX 450h proudly presents its 12 speaker Mark Levinson stereo system, which is an exceptional quality in itself. The rear seat entertainment system allows one to install a DVD player at the back. It also presents dual zone climate control, ventilated front seats, and remote controlled start. Furthermore, it is featured with the park assist, pre-collision system, dual screen entertainment system, and LED highlights.

Lexus RX 450h is in no way less secure than other cars. It is incorporated with the highest safety features. It has 10 air bags- two for the rear seat, customary anti lock brakes, stability, and traction control, and a hill holder feature. It has the most effective pre-collision system that detects an unavoidable crash. It automatically fastens the seatbelts, and applies brakes well in advance of the impending impact.

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